The Famous Balinese Ikat

Bali is a place where modern world and traditional lifestyle meet. In this place you can find many cultural assimilation from various regions. Although Bali is inhabited by a majority of Hindus, there are many cultures and traditions that you can enjoy while you are here. You can see the famous Kecak dance, which is a traditional Balinese dance.

In addition, you can also see the cultural diversity of other Indonesian regions that live on this island. Life in Bali is amazing because it is full of tolerance. This uniqueness increases thanks to the many foreign tourists who look like living in their homes. It blends perfectly into one that gives peculiar feel.

Another example of the diversity of cultures and traditions is Kain Ikat. The last name we mentioned is a traditional cloth called Songket, which is an original cloth from Lombok. But because of the geographical location that is close, making this fabric is also famous on the island of Bali.

Even this type of handwoven fabric is inherent in the culture and values embraced by the people of Bali. Many people use Songket cloth in various traditional and religious ceremonies. This makes songket cloth famous in the eyes of travelers. They did not hesitate in buying tie cloth as souvenirs for families at home.

The popularity of Kain Ikat on Bali makes craftsmen often market them at art exhibitions. This attracts the tourist even more so that we can now find Balinese woven fabrics in souvenir shops around the town. One of the best places to buy woven fabric in Bali is Nogo Bali Ikat Center.

This shop is located in the Sanur, which is famous for its beautiful beaches and amazing sunsets. You can find various colors of fabric with patterns that can be chosen according to taste. The best thing you can get is that you can buy available fabric or choose to make customized fabric.

If you want something special and unusual, we recommend making customized Balinese ikat so that only you that own them. But you can’t buy it directly since the craftsmen must make the order first.

Although it takes a long time to make, but you will not be disappointed with the results. Later you can use Balinese ikat for making clothes, skirt, uniforms, blouses, or even pillow cases. Make sure that you get one of these Balinese ikat when you are in Bali

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