The Best Souvenir from Bali Island

Bali is an amazing island located in Indonesia. This island is known for its unique culture, tradition, and its native way of life. Bali is also known for its artistic craft that would be the best souvenirs for your friends and family at home.

So when you visit Bali for honeymoon or just regular holiday, don’t forget to bring some souvenirs that will give you great memories about Bali. One of the most popular souvenirs from Bali island is kain ikat.

This is a handwoven fabrics from Indonesia that already known around the world for its uniqueness. For your information, Indonesia has more than 100 different cultures which each culture and tradition has its own unique handwoven.

It could be said that Balinese handwoven fabrics is one of many types of Indonesian’s culture. The item would be the best choice of souvenir if you visit Bali because the next time you come to Indonesia you can collect the other 99+ handwoven fabrics that made by locals. It is like hunting a treasure in Indonesia.

You can come again and again to fulfill your collections. And now since you are in Bali, you can come to Nogo Bali Ikat Center that located in Sanur. The shop offers high-quality handwoven fabric that you can choose based on your favorite color and pattern.

The best part about the store is that you can choose various kind of handwoven fabrics that has been made into clothes, pillow case, blous, or the beautiful patchwork skirt. I’m sure that you will be fascinated with all products in the showcase. You can choose what kind of souvenirs that will fit with your friends or family at home.

Blouse is the best choice for your sister or your wife. And the pillow case will give your living room and bedroom looks more authentic with Balinesee touch. Of course you will be happy with these souvenirs as you get the best choice for your lovely ones.

Now, the next time you step your foot in Bali then you need to go to the Nogo Bali Ikat Center just to find the best souvenirs that you can get. The price is affordable and it is worth with what you get. The store also offers various kinds of handwoven fabrics that can be customized based on your desire or you can buy the ready stock items. Just call the customer service if you need more assistance!

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