4 Types of Authentic Fabric from Bali Island

Bali is the main destination for foreign tourist. When you meet Europeans or Americans, you will be surprised because they are more familiar with Bali than Indonesia. No wonder if Bali is also referred to as the face of Indonesian tourism because of its popularity. People even consider Bali island as the paradise of the world.

This is because its land offers something you can’t resist with its beautiful nature. Moreover, the island of Bali is also surrounded by exotic beaches with clean white sand and crystal water all over it. It is not surprising if foreign tourists choose Bali as their main destination albeit Indonesia has more than 1000 archipelagos that offer stunning scenery.

Apart from unrivaled natural beauty, Bali also has a culture that is closely guarded by its inhabitants. They even still practice high-value local arts and works. One of the works of art that deserves to be appreciated is kain ikat (tie cloth). Noted, at least the island of Bali has 7 types of typical woven fabrics. If you are planning a vacation to Bali, this woven fabric can be the right choice for souvenirs you can bring back home.

  1. Poleng

This cloth is called Poleng because of the black and white plaid motif. This is the cloth that you will see in every corner of the city. Usually the cloth is used to cover trees, places of worship, and certain statues. Poleng cloth is also often used in various traditional ceremonies.

2. Songket

Songket is known as typical Lombok cloth, an island on the west of the island of the Gods. But the geographical location that is not too far away makes Balinese people also have Songket fabrics with their own distinctive motifs. Balinese people use songket to perform various traditional ceremonies such as weddings, cutting teeth, and other religious ceremonies. Balinese Songket fabrics are known for their artistic motifs. The price of Bali Songket is quite expensive because it is handmade.

3. Cepuk

This is a typical cloth from Nusa Penida region. Cepuk is a type of fabric that has a unique motif with a bright blend of colors. It is interesting because Cepuk itself means Canging Wood, which is the main material for making this fabric.

4. Endek

Kain Endek is the best-selling product in Bali because of its affordable price. This fabric also has a variety of motifs and is more modern than other types. Local residents also often use Endek for school uniforms, formal clothes, and other fashion clothes.

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